Office Relocation

Office Relocation

Office Relocation is most challenging service in the Packing and Moving service, The Office Relocation has to be analysed by an Packing and Moving Expert, then report to be arrived, fix the day and then shift. The process may look simple and easy, but it requires lot of experience in moving the corporate. There will be more equipments which are highly sensitive, Furniture may be custom made, interior partitions , electrical equipments e.t.c, these items has to be removed and safely packed with the proper packing materials and then loaded in the containers with proper way, according to the value and description of the item (may be fragile also). The Office Relocation can be planned any day according to the convenience of the organisation as the plan of the relocation will happen only with the help of the corporate coordinator for planning the Packing of the Items.

Ananya Packers And Movers moves people all over the world. Our clients benefit from our experience by reducing their risk and by keeping the relocation costs controlled and within budget. The relocating employee and family must be looked after to ensure a successful assignment. With a few tools and our tremendous knowledge, we will help you outline and implement your corporate relocation project meticulously.

Ananya Packers And Movers offers support for Office Relocation. A major and yet, exciting challenge is when an organisation decides to move to a new location. If run smoothly, on time and within budget, it is a major coup. If, however, it is poorly executed this will have adrastic affect on the morale of the staff and will have serious consequences on the productivity of services. It is absolutely essential that all aspects of the intended move are considered, and this is where Ananya Packers And Movers direct experience comes into play. With a team of dedicated and enthusiastic professional Move Advisers and Relocation Project Managers, Ananya Packers And Movers willdeliver that successful relocation.

We can design a new relocation policy and advise on your current policy by using our extensive experience and industry-benchmarking data. When you have a clear and comprehensive policy in place you can reduce your risks and improve your internal communications with all staff that may be affected by the relocation.

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